-Moe’s Southwest Grill, Matt Rusconi
"Since signing my 6 locations with TransGate Solutions I’ve been able to continue to grow my business without having to worry about our merchant services.   As a restaurant we have several sales reps per day solicit us for credit card processing.   TransGate Solutions has helped us wade through the pile of lies and mis-information to understand the value of an honest relationship."

Speaking of a full menu of services, TransGate Solutions relationship with restaurants and food service businesses is a hearty and fulfilling one. This is an industry as diverse as any other, from elegant establishments and diners to fast food franchises and neighborhood pubs. The style and pace may change from place to place, but the need for top-notch customer service and accurate transactions—both of which are integrally tied to effective credit card processing—is always the same. Simply put, it must be consummate.

What’s on our menu of services? Read it and savor.

  • We can work with most point-of-sale systems whether it is part of an existing solution or an entirely new system.

  • If you are new to credit card processing, we can educate you on the business of accepting credit card payments so that you can begin doing without delay.

  • We can help you save time and money by showing you how to correctly take cards over the phone or how to take advantage of the new Pay at the Table and Tap and Go technologies for quicker service.

  • With TransGate Solutions you can accept American Express with next day deposits.

  • We can help you put your menu online.

  • We can set up a Gift Card program—an absolute must for all restaurants today.

  • With an in-state Service Level Agreement you will be guaranteed response of three hours or less, 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year. You will be up and running again almost immediately after a problem occurs. No more waiting for a new terminal to be shipped.

  • We can explain the various rates and fees in an easy to understand manner so that you know exactly what you are paying.

  • We can explain your current credit card processing statements to show you how to calculate actual rates. Once you know your actual rate, you can see with far greater clarity which processing equipment and methods work to your advantage, and which do not.