Does your business accept checks?  Let TransGate Solutions help you turn the complications of check acceptance (driving to the bank for deposits and worrying about the check bouncing) into a solution as easy to manage as accepting credit cards. 


Point of Sale Conversion

For face-to-face transactions, Point of Sale Conversion enables merchants to process checks electronically ... just like a credit card.  Run the check through our equipment and have it deposited to your bank account the next business day, saving you the drive to the bank.  Merchants receive payment quickly via electronic deposit of the funds into their bank account.

Guaranteed Conversion

Capitlize on the same benefits of Point of Sale Conversion while gaining protection from bad checks with Guaranteed Funding.   All conversions include verification screening against a national negative database.

Online Reporting

Both solution inclued web based reporting which provides full transaction tracking with many features and allows you to reconcile billing, view statements, transaction history, and gain fast access to batch detail and much more.

Equipment Flexibility

Operates on almost all credit card terminals with a check reader or imager attached. A web based virtual terminal can be used in place of a physical terminal.


  • Increase sales by safely accepting checks at the point of sale
  • Eliminate bad checks for security and peace of mind
  • Faster availability of funds Eliminates NSF and other banking fees
  • Eliminate check handling labor and trips to the bank
  • No paper claims for bad checks
  • Free, detailed online reporting of all activity