The knowledge base we have cultivated over the course of our corporate existence has extended beyond credit card processing to include such related areas as effective ATM placement. We’ve studied the ways in which to make high-volume ATMs as valuable and reliable as they can be with the most effective placement and promotion. And since it’s always been our place to help, don’t hesitate to tap into our valuable resources.   


TransGate Solutions ATM Advantages:

  • Our average businesses ATMs dispense hundreds of thousands of dollars every year & much of this cash is spent on site

  • The typical ATM customer will spend 20-25% more than a non-ATM customer

  • 60% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 49 use the ATMs 8 times a month

  • 60% of Americans making over $40,000 a year use ATMs.

  • Lowers credit card transactions saving you bank fees

  • Surcharge revenue generates additional income for the business

  • With our ATM program, you receive 25%-75% of the transaction fee with no hidden charges

  • Free technical support

  • Free website access to check your ATMs