Time and Attendance: There’s value in tracking time

Looking for ways to get back some of your own valuable time every week? Consider the time you spend tracking your employees’ hours. Then think about all the other aspects of your business you can optimize by using an automated system – things like payroll preparation, employee scheduling, wage and hour compliance and paid time off tracking, just to name a few.

 Our solution offers numerous advantages:

  • Time savings. Since your tracking system is configured according to your policies, it automatically adds up hours, feeds the right information to payroll and tax functions and generates reports on activity. Managers no longer have to review all timecards – just the ones that are flagged as having exceptions.

  • Automation. ADP payroll and tax services clients also benefit from direct, automated data feeds from time and attendance to payroll – no file uploads required. This also reduces the incidence of manual calculation error.

  • Assist with wage and hour compliance. With accurate input and the ability to track and report on hours worked, your company can more easily comply with legal requirements. You’ll always have an up-to-date, indisputable record of when your employees worked, with details showing who worked and when, who put in overtime, and how the hours were calculated. You can also use biometric time clocks to ensure that employees are not punching in for one another.

  • Paid time off tracking. Make sure your workers get the time off they’ve earned – no more, no less. You can calculate paid time off due, track paid time off status and give your workers full visibility into their earned time off so they can request the time without having to interrupt their managers.

  • Improved work environment. Once you create work schedules, you’ll be able to track absences, late punch-ins, long lunches and early departures, and take corrective action before attendance issues affect morale and profitability. With greater accountability, your company saves money on lost productivity and your employees know that everyone is being treated fairly.

  • Fast, affordable setup. Our solution is easy to use, budget friendly and simple to implement. Our streamlined, intuitive user interface allows your managers and employees to track time and attendance in just a few clicks. Setup involves no upfront capital investment: if you’ve got a computer and an Internet connection, you’re ready to get started.