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Payroll Services

Specifically Designed for Small Businesses to Help You Better Manage Cash Flow and Compliance

Workers' Comp

ADP, Inc. can provide you with a payroll enhancement option that will help you manage your worker’s compensation premium payments through the Pay-by-Pay® Premium Payment Program.

Benefits Administration

Simpler, more effective benefits administration is good for you and your employees

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Welcome to TransGate Payroll Services

TransGate Solutions was founded on the guiding principle that businesses contract with payroll providers not to write checks, but to file taxes accurately.  Before TransGate Payroll was founded, businesses were often forced to choose between the accuracy, reliability, and additional services that large payroll companies could offer...  and the local service and affordability of small local providers.  We believe that you no longer have to choose.

Our local payroll team understands the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses with respect to  the administration of your Payroll and Taxes, Workers Compensation Insurance, Human Resources Services, Time and Attendance, and even Benefits Adminstration.  Let TransGate Payroll manage this part of your business so you can get back to work!


We Work With ADP

We work with ADP to help you with all aspects of your Payroll Services, including:

  • Workers Comp
  • Human Resources
  • Time & Attendance
  • Benefits Administration